Monday, September 14, 2009

Sensei Scavenger Hunt and Dojo Construction!

First of all, look at this! I see a new room coming along for ninjas! AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay so I log on today and the sky in CP is orange. I didn't know what to think cause Mimo didn't have anything about it on his site. So then ten minutes late I see the scavenger hunt icon! And now I got the cheats for you. How nice is that? Lolz. So. Uh. Here they are!

1: The fireplace in the ski lodge! Click on it!
2: Click on the candle in the book room.

3: Click on the black puffle in the cage on the left side of the screen twice.

4: Click on the candle in the cave (Below the mine shack)
5: Click on the hot sauce bottle on the left side on the screen in the pizza parlor twice.

6: Click on the one twig in the fire at the cove

7: Click on the jet pack on top of the lighthouse twice.

8: Click on the lantern on the left at the dojo exterior.

And for your prize: The fire pin!

So ya that's pretty much it. I think. I hope. Lol. Keep Waddlin!
~Dex Dude~


Cearch said...

That's cool! but weird at the same time... why is the sky red... hmmmm!

-Cearch (MOD)

Pingu19879 said...

hey im having a party!
The room is ski lodge
the server is yeti
the time is 7:30 aussie i dont know pst lol
the date is next saturday please come more info at
hosted by Pingu19879

lollieboy said...

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